Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Link roundup

1. "In defense of paying $400 to eat at the Times Square Olive Garden on New Year’s Eve"
Your perfect New Year’s Eve experience involves taking your wife to New York City and watching the ball drop in Times Square. But you imagine doing it from a warm, hospitable place with good music, lots of food and booze, and clean restrooms that are not an adult diaper. This is exactly what the Olive Garden is offering
2. "Western games use map detail to create a sense of exploration or story that is absent from the game play. Eastern markets don't have as much demand for an exploration experience, so Eastern games streamline the map to maintain laser-sharp focus on score and competition."

3. From October, "Top curling teams say they won't use high-tech brooms"
Gushue, Howard, Jones among 34 teams that won't use brooms with 'directional fabric'