Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Link roundup

1. A claim that Marriott is removing desks from its hotel rooms because millennials don't use them:
I called the front desk where a very nice lady said she understood because guests inundate them with complaints about the new rooms. There’s apparently a daily scramble to get moved to the rooms that have yet been renovated, and thus still have a desk...

I was told this had to do with the habits of Millennials, who don’t use desks. ... They prefer rooms that are designed to “hang out” in and whatever work they do can be accomplished on their phone. Hence we have two beds and a couch but no chair or desk.
2. Oscar Isaac:
After shooting I was pontificating about his past, publicly, and I thought, I’m from Guatemala, and in New Hope at the end, at the medal ceremony, it was shot in Guatemala, in Tikal, where you see the pyramids as the ships are leaving. So I thought, how cool would it be if Poe was from Yavin, if he was a rebel fighter from Yavin? So I started saying that and, sure enough, I see a comic book come out where me talking about my character background suddenly is in panels for a comic book and it’s amazing.


Sure. I did the voice in the Disney Infinity video game. It’s a more childlike version of the character, but it was fun.

Was that your first time doing voice over?

I had done a video game before, but I got fired off it.

How come?

I think they just thought I was bad. It was such a shitty game, though. Dante’s Inferno.
3. New Nike App creates an NFL "combine in your pocket":
The new Hudl Combine app features a Nike Football Rating, which, after 2016, becomes the ticket to Nike Football The Opening.

Key features of the app include:

Athletes can conduct and record combine tests, including the 40-yard dash, agility shuttle, a standing vertical and power-ball toss or bench press, using only a smartphone.

After all of the tests are submitted, Hudl representatives will verify each score and calculate a Nike Football Rating: the aggregate of the test scores.

Athletes can complete the tests as few or as many times as they like, so long as they are a Nike+ member.

The best Nike Football Ratings will appear on team and national leaderboards, with the nation’s top scorers earning an invitation to The Opening.

If athletes are not eligible for The Opening, they can still share and compare Nike Football Ratings with those of their friends and professional athletes.

To help athletes improve throughout the process, videos from professional athletes, trainers and coaches will provide tips and football hacks.

Additionally, there will be a 52-week training program offered within the Hudl site to help propel football athletes with drills and tips from professional players, coaches and trainers.

The Hudl Combine app for iOS is now available in the App Store.
4. From my wishlist, The Reappearing Act: Coming Out as Gay on a College Basketball Team Led by Born-Again Christians (by frequent ESPN talking head Kate Fagan) is $1.99 today at Amazon.