Saturday, December 19, 2015

Imagining what happened after the events of Star Trek Into Darkness

The Awl:
We popped Khan back in the freezer with his 72 super-colleagues (all of whom presumably possessed similarly powerful super-blood), and were ready for our next mission, ready to say no more about the fact that the Enterprise now carried with it the key to immortality and none of us were bound any longer by conventional assumptions about ethics or reality.

Perhaps, upon later reflection, we were naive.

Perhaps it was always more than a little ridiculous to think that Starfleet could be both a peacekeeping and a military service in the light of such an invention. Within a week, the Federation had clawed itself into thirteen warring factions, all ready to destroy entire star systems at the prospect of getting their hands on that serum.

Kirk was immediately taken to a research-torture facility by a group of scientists from Section 31. In a way, I think we all failed to take into account the interest this shadowy government organization, with the resources to build a super-advanced death-ship in absolute secrecy, might take in a serum that reverses death.