Friday, December 18, 2015

Link roundup

1. "The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department failed to properly train deputies before equipping them with a new type of handgun, contributing to a dramatic rise in accidental shootings"
The weapon lacks a safety lever and requires less pressure to pull the trigger than the previous department-issued handgun
2. NYTimes Public Editor:
Mistakes are bound to happen in the news business, but some are worse than others.

What I’ll lay out here was a bad one. It involved a failure of sufficient skepticism at every level of the reporting and editing process — especially since the story in question relied on anonymous government sources, as too many Times articles do.

Here’s the background: A Times article Sunday reported that the U.S. government had missed something that was right out there in the open: the jihadist social-media posts by one of the San Bernardino killers.
3. "How the Mast Brothers fooled the world into paying $10 a bar for crappy hipster chocolate"
But there is evidence that at least some of their early production involved remelting chocolate bought from Valrhona, a commercial French chocolate manufacturer.
Eventually, however, experts believe that Michael and Rick Mast did start making at least some of their own chocolate, and as Scott explains, the quality of their bars dropped. “The change was remarkable and obvious,” Lindley, of the Cacao shop in Portland, says of trying the bars in 2010. “Most of the chocolate was simply inedible, by my standards.”