Monday, December 14, 2015

Link roundup

1. "George Lazenby bluffed his way into being James Bond, then screwed it up"

2. "The Corporate Takeover of the Red Cross"
McGovern and her handpicked team of former AT&T colleagues have presided over a string of previously unreported management blunders that have eroded the charity’s ability to fulfill its core mission of aiding Americans in times of need.


This year, the Red Cross quietly made cuts in the formula it uses to determine cash benefits to victims of home fires and other disasters. A family of four whose home burned down previously could have received around $900 in immediate assistance. Now they would get a maximum of $500.


As part of her effort to run the Red Cross more like a business, McGovern recruited more than 10 former AT&T executives to top positions. The move stirred resentment inside the organization, with some longtime Red Cross hands referring to the charity as the “AT&T retirement program.’’
3. "Japanese Online Retailer Uses Drones To Perfectly Censor Nude Dancers"

4. Deluxe Metal Gear Solid V-inspired figure and cyborg wolf.