Sunday, December 27, 2015

Link roundup

1. "The divide...between white parents and Asian-American 'a high-achieving school district in New Jersey."
So the white people are not the majority nor are they arguing for meritocracy...and yet they seem to be winning. They are winning with the argument that it's not good to have too much winning when they are not the ones doing the winning.


meritocracy seemed like a good idea until white people weren't winning, and the notion of judging the "whole person" came about a remedy to the perceived problem of keeping a traditionally disadvantaged minority group from climbing through the use of the meritocracy. Striving for success within the meritocracy got framed as grasping and grade-grubbing — qualities you wouldn't want in a healthy, well-rounded young person.
2. Airbnb's job interview questions.

3. PepsiCo is going to launch an organic Gatorade. Also, exclusively at Walgreens, hot dog-flavored Pringles.