Thursday, July 19, 2018

"America's most popular doll is being counterfeited. L.A. toymaker MGA wants to know who's doing it"


The counterfeiters leverage the fact that customs officers don’t have the capacity to stop every shipment entering a U.S. port of entry.

“If we stop every single container, the economy would collapse tomorrow,” said customs spokesman Jaime Ruiz.

To get customs officers to check a specific container suspected of containing counterfeits, companies typically must hire private investigators to ferret out the tracking number.

“It’s very difficult for the company to successfully get that information unless they can really infiltrate into the counterfeiting chain, which is really hard to do,” said Daniel Chow, an Ohio State University professor who has testified before the U.S. International Trade Commission about Chinese intellectual-property infringements.


In March, a private investigator hired by MGA went to TomTop’s Industry office, and while there, took photographs of a TomTop employee seated next to an L.O.L. Surprise! box. MGA hoped this would be enough to prove that TomTop had counterfeit L.O.L. Surprise! dolls at its Industry warehouse.