Thursday, August 2, 2018

NBA 2K19 lets you complete with other humans to sign free agents, and features fully customizeable skulls

♦Full Contracts! The ‘Keeper’ design of NBA 2K18 is no longer. This means you will now have a live, real-time free agency period with all of the other GMs in your league! From personal experience, I can tell you this an incredibly fun event. During the course of each in-game ‘day’, you will get notifications in your ticker when a player receives an offer from another team. How do you react if this is a player you are also targeting, but have yet to make an offer? Should you make your offer now? Does your offer come in higher than it otherwise would have? Or perhaps you already have an offer in on the player. Should you go back and raise your offer? These are the thoughts that will race through your head as you live the life of a real NBA GM!


Let’s start with Facial Sculpting. Yes, it is fully in! In NBA 2K19, you can use both presets and full sculpting sliders to:

♦Fully customize the shape and size of the Skull.