Friday, October 5, 2018

"Maniac’s best and bleakest joke is its gig-economy dystopia"

Down in the dream-world, Jonah Hill (as Owen) and Emma Stone (as Annie) flex their comic chops, but in the real world, the humor comes from society itself—in particular, from the show’s darkly believable extrapolation of our so-called “gig economy.”

For a long time, that term has been bandied around as some sort of evolutionary step in capitalism, a future envisioned by companies like Uber, Airbnb, Fiverr, and more, in which everyone is free to take work when and as they need it. As it turns out, these endless piecemeal jobs don’t really provide stability or a rewarding sense of employment, not to mention health care or even much money. Working when an app instructs you to ends up being just as dehumanizing, if not more so, than doing it when your shift supervisor texts you. Maniac sends this trend into hyper-drive, imagining a New York City where everybody is selling everything just to afford shoebox apartments. The joke arrives early in the form Ad Buddies, a sort of credit system that allows people to pay for goods and services by having a real human trail them, reading ad copy out loud—the ultimate in pop-up advertising.
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