Saturday, November 10, 2018

From a long profile of Gillian Flynn

The day after the story broke, I was talking with Flynn and her husband, Brett Nolan, in her office.


“ ‘Dead body floating ...’ ,” Nolan said, referring to the kind of notes Flynn would leave next to the refrigerator or on the coffee table. He had always assumed the Post-its were evidence of something his wife was working on professionally, and not literal evidence, but did we see that article yesterday, about the woman who wrote about how to kill her husband and then was indicted on a charge of killing her husband?

“I had multiple people forward that to me,” Flynn said, laughing.

“Really?” Nolan asked. For a moment, he seemed genuinely surprised. “I had multiple people forward it to me.”


Though shy as a child, Flynn found an outlet making fake newspapers called Cat’s News, a name she jingled as she showed me copies. They’re a testament to the idea that artists return to the same themes over and over again for their entire lives. One story reads:

“Miss Minnie Cat (no relation to Minnie Mouse) was at the beach when she was kidnapped by some pirates who are holding her for hostage.

“Mr. Basil Derk, owner of [the] beach, says, ‘It was just a coincidence,’ even though Minnie was the 18th kidnapped.” — Gillian Flynn (Staff)