Sunday, November 18, 2018

Portraits from the Santissimi exhibition

Requiem + Horror Vacui Exibition “Santissimi” Exma- Exhibiting and Moving Arts /June-September 2018 During the preparation of an exhibition there is something alchemical that resembles the flood that the artist and the work undergoes during his birth. It is something inexplicably Dantesque that collects the tale of the untranslatable. Idiom which, once exposed - winning the place - falls into the clutches of the deadly restraint. It happens that during the movement of the works - their being here and there the various tests of writing of the exhibition - as well as the dialogue that opens between one work and another, while they dissect the space and the light, create a dynamism so strong as to make everything highly symbolic and gestational. Several times I felt a great embarrassment in attending the inaugurations, as if there were a need for a contribution to revive, in the form of meaning, what had been so clearly revealed during the exhibition. But everything then recovers. Once the exhibition opens to the public everything returns constantly unstable, unstructured and above all visited, finally returns in becomig. @santissimi #santissimi #requiem #horrorvacui #contemporaryart #artecontemporanea #sararenzetti #antonelloserra #contemporarysculpture #contemporaryartist #italianartists #artist #artcollector #contemporaryart #exmacagliari #santissimiexma #exibition
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