Friday, November 30, 2018

"State liquor enforcer and consultant plead guilty to shaking down Koreatown bars"

In pleading guilty, Seo acknowledged paying more than $28,000 in bribes and kickbacks to Salao between the end of 2011 and May 2016. In exchange, prosecutors said Salao helped Seo’s clients by, among other things, fast-tracking liquor license applications. Salao also targeted enforcement raids at bars that refused to work with Seo.


Later that day, prosecutors said, Seo told Salao that he wanted to meet to discuss a plan for using the Korean news media “to pump fear into Ktown.” Salao responded by saying: “I’m open to whatever lines our wallets!” according to the indictment.


Salao also tipped off Seo to impending raids or undercover operations by the ABC and the Los Angeles Police Department, prosecutors said. He once sent Seo a photograph of an undercover LAPD officer, which allowed Seo to warn a client to conceal illegal activity from police.