Saturday, December 22, 2018

"At Bahamas Bowl viewing party, Elk Grove (Illinois) celebrates its moment in the national spotlight"

The village spent $300,000 to sponsor the college football bowl game to promote its business park.


Village Trustee Chris Prochno admitted she initially was skeptical about the sponsorship idea. After all, it's the first time a non-tourist municipality has sponsored a bowl game.

"I think when the mayor (Craig Johnson) brought the issue to us in the summer, none of us were onboard," Prochno said. "It was such a strange concept -- the idea of sponsoring a college bowl in the Bahamas. It has nothing to do with us."

But Trustee Sam Lissner said he was convinced when business leaders were supportive. "If the businesses can use it in their advertising to gather customers, that's our goal," he said.


"The mayor and village attorney are down in the Bahamas, but we're all here in Elk Grove Village," she said. "We want our community to feel a part of this whole thing."