Thursday, December 27, 2018

"The best free games of 2018"

Muscle World might be the strangest game released in 2018—but it never feels weird for the sake of it. Playing as a bald bodybuilder wearing a teeny pair of pants, you enter an intimidating underworld that you have to conquer in order to become the ultimate champion. If it sounds like a comedy game, it somehow isn't, boasting an ambient soundscape and overall moody atmosphere reminiscent of most of From Software's games. In fact, King's Field II was the major influence on Muscle World.

In this otherworldly, dreamlike action RPG, you have to climb across the ceiling to reach scattered islands hanging in the endless gloom of a massive cavern. Managing your stamina meter adds an element of tension to your traversal, but the game swerves into full-on horror the moment you see a rival bodybuilder climbing menacingly your way.