Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV’s twin tandem, have ... garnered enough devotion to compel hundreds of people to set sail with them across the Caribbean"

(Jonathan, born John Ian Scott, eventually had his legal name changed to the more enigmatic Jonathan Silver Scott in service of his budding career as a magician), and tween clown performances—to fill, well, a cruise ship slideshow. As adults, the brothers worked together as flight attendants for the airline WestJet and—fatefully, as it turns out—flipped a handful of real estate properties to help make ends meet. Jonathan’s magic career continued in earnest until, according to the brothers’ 2017 memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story, he had some $80,000 worth of illusions stolen by a Calgary conman, forcing him to declare bankruptcy. “All those late nights drafting ideas, building in the barn, and choreographing routines were essentially now for nothing,” he wrote. “A lifelong dream up in smoke.”