Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"Hypnospace Outlaw is, rather unexpectedly, one of the best detective games on PC"

Andy Kelly for PCGamer:
You are an Enforcer hired by the creator of Hypnospace, Merchantsoft, to locate and destroy objectionable content. This could be copyright infringement, harassment, or malicious software. And when you find something that breaks the rules you click on the gavel at the top of your browser, then on the offending article, and watch as it's scrubbed from the internet. In return you receive a bounty of HypnoCoins: a currency used to buy software, wallpapers, virtual pets, screensavers, and other frippery to personalise your OS.

But it becomes clear after a few cases that you are not a force for good, and have been weaponised by Merchantsoft to ruthlessly censor and control the web. An early case sees you removing cute kids' drawings from a teacher's website because they contain a copyrighted image of a cartoon character. Bringing the gavel down on these harmless doodles was genuinely difficult


There are opportunities for redemption, however. I won't go into specifics, but Hypnospace Outlaw does have a narrative threaded through it, with some brilliant twists and turns.
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God’s Trigger stars Harry and Judy, an angel and demon, respectively, who murder their way through a ridiculous world. Their motivations essentially begin and end at “Earth-ending apocalypses are bad”, and since one is on the way, they decide it’s easier to team up than tackle the Four Horsemen apart. I can freely switch between Harry and Judy, or I can play local co-op with my husband where we each take control of one character. It’s a two-player take on Hotline Miami, and it works despite the chaos on-screen.
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The Occupation is a journalist investigation thriller, wherein I am tasked with saving Britain’s liberty. I’m granted a few short hours, a pager, a pocket watch, a couple of helpful allies, and a schedule of interviews. I need to write the report that can turn public opinion down on the ominous Union Act. Adding to that pressure cooker is a recent terrorist attack, leaving two dozen dead.