Thursday, March 21, 2019

"A dev trained robots to generate 'garbage' slot machine games—and made $50K"

they opted to buy a 3D slot machine asset off of the Unity Store (a marketplace that lets game makers pay modelers and animators for unrestricted use of various 2D and 3D assets) for $15. They then spent the rest of the jam creating a system that would automatically generate the rest of the skinning needed to make this basic virtual slot machine just unique enough to be published as its own smartphone app.


The most scintillating name they went for at that point was "3D Sexy Librarian Slots."


The team came up with a theory: "All of our advertising keywords were related to casino related content," Schwartz said to Ars. "We had an epiphany: our game looks so fucking terrible, but people downloaded it for some reason. When they see an ad for a much better slot machine or casino, they click it because... of course you do!