Friday, March 15, 2019

"In the meme-forging bowels of the internet, MAGA hats are out of favor and bright pink vaporwave Yang hats are the new hotness"

if online nihilists get their way, talk in the Democratic primary will soon include proposals for a $1,000-per-month raise for every American.

That’s the proposed Freedom Dividend, a rebranded Universal Basic Income at the heart of the long-shot presidential campaign of Andrew Yang, an affable young entrepreneur and new favorite among the Reddit politics crowd. In the meme-forging bowels of the internet, red MAGA hats are falling out of fashion and hot pink 80’s vaporwave Yang hats are in.


The Democrats themselves may have inadvertently invited attention to lesser-known long-shots such as Yang with their new debate rules. To get on the debate stage this year, side by side with the Bernies and Bidens, candidates must sign up 65,000 individual donors — a milestone Yang recently surpassed. This requirement, entirely achievable online


Unlike Trump’s MAGA hat, he has not yet embraced the hot pink Miami Vice style cap that has become a signifier of support online.