Saturday, July 4, 2020

A suggestion that second level English soccer club Wigan Athletic is being intentionally sabotaged so a gambler can win a large bet that the club will be relegated

The club is currently ranked 16 out of 24, 10 points ahead of the last place club, and thus shouldn't really be in danger of relegation, but

On Wednesday Wigan entered administration just weeks after the club changed owners.


Wigan face a 12-point deduction to be applied either this season - if they finish outside the Championship relegation zone - or at the start of 2020-21.
According to documents filed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the previous owner, International Entertainment Corporation (IEC), sold Wigan for £17.5m only five weeks earlier to a consortium . . . who then took overall control last week. IEC, based and listed in Hong Kong, registered in the Cayman Islands, operates a hotel casino complex in Manila, capital of the Philippines. The chairman and 56% owner . . . is a Hong Kong-based businessman and high-stakes poker player.

On Thursday Parry was recorded without his knowledge outside his home, discussing one of the rumours with a Wigan supporter, saying: “There’s rumours that there is a bet in the Philippines on them being relegated, because the previous owner has got gambling interests in the Philippines.”
Here's a long thread hypothesizing what happened: