Friday, July 31, 2020

Prisoners once again escape from an Oklahoma jail by climbing down a rope made out of bedsheets

It's not the first time this has happened:
The 13-story jail opened in 1991 west of downtown Oklahoma City and was billed as escape proof. It was not. Two months after opening, two inmates in the same week broke the block windows in their cells and used bedsheets to scale down the side of the jail undetected. Others followed.
This time, one of the men, a murder defendant, was arrested several hours later. The other man, a rape defendant, fell from the rope, broke his leg, and was found "laying in the grass" a short distance away.

There's plenty of fingerpointing:
The escape also brought a renewal of the animosity between [the] County Commissioner ... and the sheriff.

[The commissioner] again blamed the sheriff for problems at the jail.


In response, the sheriff said, "These escapees had to cut through ... grates, and no one at the jail noticed, so how is that my fault? They hoarded bedsheets for their escape, and were free for more than an hour and Jail Trust administration didn’t even know until outside law enforcement notified them, that’s not my fault.