Thursday, July 30, 2020

Charming story about three friends who adopted a wolf puppy

From a longer post:
instead of chasing squirrels when she slipped the leash, she broke the leash and killed a fucking deer once. One time we locked her in the finished and air-conditioned basement when we left for the day, because it was ten degrees cooler down there...she completely Houdini'd a steel gate, chewed the basement door in half, ripped two legs off of the dining room table upstairs out of spite, and then went to sleep watching reruns of Wishbone on the fucking basement! And I mean, who could fucking blame her--it was ten degrees cooler down there! We always brought her with us to the beach after that...just like she planned.

However despite her faults, she was also genuinely very sweet, wickedly intelligent even by dog standards, loyal and protective, gentle when she needed to be (around cats or kids), quite vocal, and highly affectionate.