Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Concept for rebooting Quantum Leap

Redditor Nerozero:
We start with a leaper doing his normal job, correcting a minor temporal adjustment. Something like a guy has to leave his house at 8:33 instead of 8:35-- really minor stuff but we see that this is what quantum leaping is: minor adjustments. Quantum Leaping has now amounted to running maintenance on timeline events. The leaper we're following, let's just call him Collin, return to his time which is 50 years after the events of Quantum Leap played out. Back at the QL headquarters there'd be a memorial to Sam and what he accomplished but most people don't give the memorial much mind any more, it's at the entrance to building and that kinda it. Collin would interact with some eventual show regulars before the main plot events take place. Collin is sent on another minor assignment, he's getting annoyed with not getting bigger assignments, which by now amounts to little more than inconveniencing a famous historical figure for a duration of time. On this little assignment, he relays with his version of Al, a woman named Maura who has no romantic interest in Collin but they have quite the repertoire, that he's encountered an unknown entity: a person who isn't supposed to be where they are. This person turns out to be SAM, still QL after all these years but he's now running from a Dark Leaper who's out kill Sam and hopefully undo all the good Sam has done over the decades of leaping. The Dark Leaper ultimately succeeds in not just mortally wounding Sam but destroying Collin's leaping device as well. Collin is able to help Sam long enough to gain his trust and for Sam to give him Ziggy. Cornered and with no other option, Collin uses Ziggy and leaps back to 1962. Collin looks around in confusion and says "Oh, boy."