Sunday, August 9, 2020

An incredibly deep dive into two guys that have gone viral due to people watching Supermarket Sweep reruns on Netflix

Part of an admirably thorough article by Kevin Fallon about two thin, single, and neat guys that did really well on Supermarket Sweep in 1993:
Two separate Reddit threads exist asking for information about where Brandon and Kevin are now, one flat-out asking, “Were they together?”

TikTok user and Supermarket Sweep obsessive Emmaline Childs posted a call on her account, guessing that because they were in college at the time, the pair might have kids who would be the right age to be on TikTok. “If this is your dad, duet this!” she said, referring to the practice of taking someone else’s video and pairing it with a new one of your own.

She was right. Brandon’s daughter, Emily, found it and dueted it with it, showing photos of herself with her dad. Then Kevin’s wife created a TikTok account and posted a video of their three boys reenacting their final sweep in a local grocery store, which is about the most adorable way to go viral. At the end of the clip, Kevin himself poses with his sons.