Tuesday, October 6, 2020

This preview makes Watch Dogs Legion sounds fantastic

As Christopher Livingston explains, you can recruit a lot of awesome friends, but you can also make committed enemies:
I'm about thirty minutes into my Watch Dogs Legion play session when something unfortunate happens. While I'm en route to a mission—and driving quite carefully, I might add—a pedestrian abruptly darts right out in front of my car.

I hit the brakes but there's a thud and the person is sent sprawling onto the pavement. I quickly hop out to see if he's okay. He's not. He's injured and needs hospitalization.

I've just made an enemy.


This man's name is Yong Liu, and now he absolutely hates me. And that could be a real problem.

In Watch Dogs Legion, every citizen of London has an opinion of the hacker resistance group, DedSec. Many of them have a negative opinion. Hurting someone, like I did, can lower their opinion even more. And that opinion can get so low it turns into outright hated.


So, a random citizen hates me and I can't recruit them to my team. There's thousands of other people in London, and I've already recruited a bunch of them, so who cares about this one guy?

Thing is, if someone hates DedSec enough, they may actually quit their jobs and join Albion just to spite you. They may even abduct one of your team members in retaliation. Plus, they'll blab to everyone they know about how much you suck.

I just can't have someone out in the world hating my guts and making other people dislike me, too, so I examine Yong's info and schedule, and track down his therapist and his grandmother. Sure enough, they both have negative opinions of DedSec because Yong told them I hit him with my car

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