Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A 22-year-old Tiktok heartthrob is raking in cash from his 50-year old fans, where "doxxing and cyberbullying are the norm"


Followers shower [him] with money through TikTok Live’s “gifts” function and via PayPal donations. During a March TikTok Live Battle Week — in which influencers are pitted against each other to earn the most “gifts” — [he] was crowned champion after earning a total of 15.3 million “diamonds” in seven days. That translates to roughly $231,740 in spending on behalf of [his] fans. After TikTok took its substantial cut, that meant $76,500 in earnings for [him].


a group known as the Grotto Girls — dubbed the GGs by insiders — pool their money and send [him] a regular stipend. ... When [he] told fans he was thinking of buying a car, the GGs helped raise $20,000 dollars in 24 hours for just that purpose.


“I’m no longer a fan due to the NanaGate scam."