Friday, March 25, 2022

Is the implication that the Formula One drivers were told they wouldn't be permitted to leave if they refused to race?

Formula One has confirmed this weekend's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will go ahead as planned despite an attack on a nearby oil facility.

An Aramco oil depot 10 kilometers east of the Jeddah street circuit was in flames Friday evening, with a large plume of black smoke visible from the track during the opening practice session of the race weekend.


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff added: "[The F1 circuit] is probably the safest place that you can be in Saudi Arabia at the moment."

Was it suggested they wouldn't be allowed to leave?

BBC Sport has learned that a significant number of drivers had concerns about the safety of the event following the attack.

But eventually they were convinced to go ahead and race after being given further information by bosses.

Part of this information involved the possible consequences of not racing, such as how easily teams and drivers would be able to leave the country if the race did not happen.