Thursday, March 24, 2022

Emily Mandel posted comments about the Station Eleven series

She posted many comments on the differences between the book and tv show.

If you've watched the Station Eleven TV series, you'll notice this as the first major point of divergence between the show and the book. In the book, this is the last time Kirsten and Jeevan ever see one another; they're together for only a few minutes in the theatre and then part ways forever. In the series, they see one another again a few minutes later, outside the theatre, and remain together for the next year of their lives. For the record, I wish I'd thought of this when I was writing the book! I think it's really good plotting.


Something I love about the Station Eleven TV adaptation is that Jeevan isn't alone at the end of the world. There's a line late in the show, I believe in episode 10, when Jeevan says something like "having one other person, just one other person, can make all the difference," or words to that effect. I've been thinking about that a lot ever since I watched the show.