Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Buffalo Bills are on course to receive more than $1 billion public funds for a new stadium


The deal isn’t done, and nothing is ever done until it’s done. But it’s getting there. And the total public contribution could exceed more than $1 billion, with roughly $850 million going to the actual stadium construction costs.

At a time when fewer and fewer citizens believe taxpayer money should be devoted to the playgrounds of the American oligarchs, the ability of Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula to shake so much cash out of the public coffers is impressive. 

"According to Bloomberg, Pegula had a net worth over $7 billion as of July 2021."

Buffalo News:

striking a stadium agreement too early could hurt [Governor] Hochul's chances of getting the deal through the State Legislature while also wounding the governor politically.


state legislator, including New York City's most progressive progressives, would have had more than two months to think about – and tear into – the idea of the state subsidizing a fracking billionaire and his wife and a large share of the costs of their $1.4 billion football stadium for the upstate governor's hometown team.