Thursday, March 10, 2022

"The most striking moment [during my Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser stay] is when I stand with that rock in my hand"

From a long, glowing review by a "lifelong fan of games and role-playing games" for the LATimes:

“Tell me, Todd,” says a woman who introduces herself as Saja Mi’Lam, “what do you do to stay centered?”


I acknowledge to Mi’Lam, who is a Galactic Starcruiser actor, the challenges I face in staying mindful and empathetic in stressful situations. Then she tells me to pick a rock — or, rather, to let a rock choose me. There is no spa or relaxation center aboard the Galactic Starcruiser, yet I stand, arms outstretched, matching Mi’Lam in a series of extended breathing exercises. I find a bit of calm.


The most striking moment is when I stand with that rock in my hand. Mi’Lam instructs me to place my rock onto a larger one, to shut my eyes and hold out my hand.

Although I see some sleight-of-hand movement from Mi’Lam, I imagine that what’s about to happen is real, and not magnetic magic tricks. I stand tall, arm firmly pointed at my stone, and then I watch.

The rock slowly, magically, makes its way toward me. Then it jerks and shoots vigorously in my direction, knocking all other rocks in its vicinity to the ground.


There are characters I never interacted with, and a supposedly show-stopping intimate Force ghost scene involving Yoda is one I didn’t see. Yet I had so much on my agenda that I never truly felt like I missed something.

I assume 3:30 is what he's referring to (but honestly, the fan with the scarf and headdress has such a compelling look that it draws my eye):