Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Two murder suspects on the run after Honolulu police officers gave them a courtesy transport from the scene


Honolulu police officers dropped two men now suspected in a gruesome murder off in Waikiki on Monday as an investigation was unfolding at the east Honolulu home they were staying in, Hawaii News Now has learned.

Sources say the “courtesy transport” was provided to [the two suspects] because investigators didn’t have enough probable cause to detain them and officers wanted to search their car. But plainclothes officers were not assigned to follow them.


An intense manhunt for the two continues.


the victim is believed to be the 73-year-old owner of the Lelekepue Place property.

His body was found in a standalone bathtub that had been filled with concrete. Coffee grounds were on top of the concrete, likely to hide the smell of decomposition.

“When we entered, we smelled coffee no doubt,” [the lieutenant] said. “The body was in the standalone tub and it was in a state of decomposition once we chipped away at the concrete mixture.”