Sunday, December 4, 2022

"Rogue Wave Strikes [Viking] Cruise Ship, Killing a Passenger and Injuring 4 Others"


The Viking Polaris was launched this year and was designed for travel to remote destinations such as the Antarctic Peninsula. The ship is 665 feet long and can carry 378 passengers and 256 crew members.


The death on the Viking Cruises ship this week comes after the death of two other cruise ship passengers in the Antarctic last month. Two Quark Expeditions cruise ship passengers died after one of the ship’s heavy duty inflatable Zodiac boats overturned near shore

The NYT times article indicates the rogue wave and Zodiac boat disaster happened on separate cruises, but the article the NYT links to indicates it was the same cruise, and describes the Zodiac incident:

Two Topeka couples were among those on a cruise cut short first by an accident, then by a rogue wave that took a passenger’s life.


One second, Pam was watching penguins from their Zodiac vessel, the next was chaos.

“We heard an explosion in the forward area right in front of Pam and it threw a woman directly across from her up in the air, and then the gentleman right next to her literally flew up in the air and went into the water,” Tom said.  


Both couples say Viking, the company which operates the ship, was very sensitive and helpful to everyone. Both also already have trips booked for next year