Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Today's news and jokes

4:07. He's always a good interview

(MLB got to be wondering why it's letting the A's clownishly scheme in Vegas to build the league's smallest stadium instead of devoting all their energy to extracting petrostate investment)

Udoka scandal was a preview

Why can't my $3500 augmented reality goggles replace my prescription glasses?

@dannap101105 Respuesta a @emeraldreveles2 ♬ sonido original - `

@twincedarpond Have you ever seen a fish give kisses to a dog? June and Florence recognize each other, no matter how much time goes by between visits. Love their friendship! If you want to make friends with the fish during your stay at Twin Cedar Pond, there’s fish food available to make a good first inpression, but they also like to hear their names: Florence, Jupiter, and Tango. #slowliving #modernfarmhouse #animalfriendships #foryoupage #fyp #hudsonvalley #upstate ♬ Me and My Pet - Eitan Epstein Music

@australianshepherdvibe those eyes say it all 😂 Follow @australianshepherdvibe Credits @frecklesandbites - - - - - #australianshepherd #australiansheperd #austrailianshepherd #australianshepherd world #australianshepherds #australian_shepherd #australianshepherdlove #shepherdaustralian #australianshepherded ♬ original sound - australianshepherdvibe

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