Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Link roundup

1. "San Francisco Welcomed Super Bowl on Handshake Deal; No Contract, No Public Review"

This method allowed the bid terms — including agreeing to never bill the NFL for public services — to go forward without a public review at the Board of Supervisors. By contrast, Santa Clara's City Council scrutinized the hosting agreement and voted on it publicly.
2. "The Abortion Rights Dystopia Brought On by the Zika Crisis"
After all, the element that brings this crisis from “emergency” into “totally fucking dystopian” realm is the fact that the virus is wreaking havoc in countries with dismal, even draconian approaches to abortion and contraception.
3. Banned By Tesla!
Dear @ElonMusk: Thank you for reaching out to me. I heard from our phone conversation that you feel that my post, “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself”, was a personal attack on you. I also hear that you are not comfortable having me own a Tesla car and have cancelled my order for a Tesla Model X.