Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Super-Discount Grocery Store Aldi To Open 45 Stores In SoCal This Year"
Aldi will request customers deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart. The philosophy follows that if people want their quarter back, they'll be inclined to return the cart to its proper location next to the grocery store's entrance. No employee needed to retrieve all the carts lazy customers leave lying all over the parking area.
2. "this is the same Valencia team whose player, David Ruiz, appeared to pull off one of the most egregious dives in the history of the game, take a bunch of shit for it the world over, only to later have it come out that he’d actually torn his ACL on the play."

3. "Now you can recreate this magical meal by making your own version of Rey’s Portion Bread in under a minute."

4. "Let’s talk about that photo of Mark Zuckerberg and the sad VR men"
This is a beautiful photo that captures many of our anxieties about Virtual Reality and Screen Time and Wealth Inequality and Interpersonal Interaction. That Mark Zuckerberg saw this photo and enjoyed what it said about The Future so much that he posted it to his Facebook page adds another, even richer layer of Art.