Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Burger King employees break windows after prank call about gas leak, Morro Bay police say"
Employees of the Burger King on 781 Quintana Road received a call from someone who indicated that they were a representative from the fire department advising of an emergency, according to reports. The caller said that the business’ windows needed to be broken for ventilation
2. "So much for the 'Oprah effect,' as Weight Watchers stock fades"
the Oprah tweet surge is already fading, displaying the half-life of a typical New Year's resolution to lose weight.
3. "I had never heard of Okhlos before playing it at PAX South today, but it quickly got my attention. It plays sort of like a twin-stick shooter, but instead of aiming a gun you're directing an ever growing mob of angry, Greek citizens that continues to grow more raucous until they are able to level buildings and kill the gods themselves."