Sunday, February 28, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Scalia Took Dozens of Trips Funded by Private Sponsors"
Mr. Gillers and other legal experts said they saw nothing wrong with Mr. Scalia’s accepting a free room at Mr. Poindexter’s lodge. While the Ethics in Government Act, adopted after Watergate, requires high-level federal employees, including judges, to fill out disclosure reports for reimbursements worth more than $335, the visit to the ranch might not have required a formal disclosure, because accommodations provided by a private individual are exempt under current rules.
2. Cruise ship video game jam:
One young man takes the microphone and describes an 'endless birther' wherein the player must guide a baby through a birth canal. Next a girl outlines a game in which you play as God's hand, smiting Adam and Eve every time they move to touch a forbidden apple. A bearded Norwegian man (they are mostly bearded, and often luxuriously so) describes a VR game in which multiple players assume the role of chicks racing to peck their way out of their respective egg-shell, bobbing their heads back and forth
3. "So they used the word 'pretty,' they centered the activity on the 'home bedroom,' and then, because they'd gone too far and got criticized, they let the boys in, and a boy won, and, of course, they got criticized for that."