Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Phoenician Sailor is one of the stars of 'ASMR horror,' a niche community within the already-niche world around the 'ASMR' sensory phenomenon."

Late at night, you click on “☼ ══╣♥♥ The ULTIMATE ASMR MAKEOVER!!! ♥♥╠══ ☼”. It’s hosted by a man called “Phoenician Sailor.” He has greying hair, a pale and narrow face, and the calmest grey eyes you have ever seen.

This man whispers to you, telling you everything will be all right. You are beginning to feel very relaxed. The video cuts abruptly to a masked figure shrouded in darkness, then the camera moves to a new setting. That same man is leaning down from above you. “I’m reasonably certain you’re not in any pain,” he says. He produces a syringe. He is wearing surgical gloves.

This is not very relaxing anymore. And yet his voice makes you calm, so calm, enough that you continue to watch as he probes, and scratches, and cuts, and suddenly his white gloves are stained with red.