Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Creating the title sequence for Spectre

From an interview at Art of the Title:
Well, we do a casting session that’s like anything else. I mean, it’s slightly embarrassing, you get these two people who don’t really know each other, get them to smooch a bit and to pretend that there’s an octopus in between them.


Let’s talk about the music a little bit more. Radiohead recorded a version of the SPECTRE opening and released it online recently. Was that ever part of the conversations you were involved with?

Daniel: I haven’t heard it! I think I did know that they’d done one, but I hadn’t heard it. Is it any good?


Actually, this one bit that the producers and Sam just wouldn’t let me do — at the end of that little sequence with all the lovers kissing and the octopus, there’s this close-up of two mouths coming together. Originally I was going to have the girl’s tongue coming out of the girl’s mouth going into the male mouth, but it wasn’t a tongue, it was an octopus tentacle. And they all just went, “Yeccchhhh, that’s too much!” So that hit the cutting room floor! [laughs] I’d gone too far!