Monday, February 22, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Fun and games aboard Rob Gronkowski’s cruise"
There were also plenty of cruisers who had no idea that good-time Gronkowski was among them. The Norwegian Pearl holds more than 2,300 passengers, but only 700 of them were part of Gronk’s cruise. The rest thought they were on the boat for an ordinary vacation to the Bahamas.
2. "the 'John Wayne’ of Cajun country."
Capt. Higgins is something of a viral star, at least as much as a cop in backwater Louisiana could be. Last year, CBS News ran a story on the man they say is called “the ‘John Wayne’ of Cajun country.” His videos are so anticipated that the hometown Acadiana Advocate was at the taping for a behind-the-scenes photoshoot.
3. "A Louisiana Tribe Is Now Officially A Community Of Climate Refugees"
Since the 1950s, the tribe has lost 98 percent of its land to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding. Experts suspect the island will be completely submerged within 50 years
4. "What was the most interesting war tactic ever performed in history?"
The UK air dropped matchbooks into enemy lines which contained instructions on how a soldier could fake illnesses to get sent home.

Once the Nazi leaders caught wind of this, they stopped sending their troops home who claimed to have said illnesses. Not only did this get healthy enemy troops sent home, it eventually ended with genuinely ill troops being sent back into combat spreading real disease amongst their ranks.