Thursday, December 6, 2018

Spot your friends hiding as mimics in Prey: Mooncrash – Typhon Hunter

Imagine playing hide-and-seek. Now, imagine that your friends who are hiding from you are actually killer aliens. That’s the new Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode. One person hops into a match as Morgan Yu, and up to five others will play as shape-shifting Mimics. When your opponent can transform into nearly any object in your world, even the most mundane thing is a potential threat.

Each match begins with a period of prep time that the Mimic players can use to strategize, hide or prepare for an ambush. After that, the hunt is on. Morgan’s goal is simple: Kill all the Mimics before the time runs out, using only a Wrench or Pistol. The Mimics must stay alive however they can. They can stay hidden and wait it out, or they can try to take Morgan down.

Going on the offensive is risky for the Mimics, as they only have one life. But killing Morgan runs down the clock and gives the Mimics a bit of time to regroup while they wait for Morgan to respawn. As the Mimics, you’ll be able to use the environment to confound and surround the opposing player. There are endless strategies and places to hide in familiar Talos I locations like the Yellow Tulip Karaoke Bar or Morgan’s office.