Tuesday, December 31, 2019

French promotional video for the Murderbot novels (art roundup)

To photograph this Anna's Hummingbird's forked tongue, I worked with a scientific glassblowing company in Berkeley called Adams & Chittenden who made a custom "hummingbird dinner plate" out of glass. I glued a tiny aluminum wire to the base and angled the camera so it looks like the glass is floating. Finally, I trained this hummingbird in Chris Clark's lab at UC Riverside so it would feed through the tiny opening you see on the right side of the plate. This setup was inspired by the experimental design of Alejandro Rico-Guevara who uses artificial plastic "flowers" to study hummingbird tongues. Anna's Hummingbirds can lick a flower up to 15 times per second. Other species can lick as fast as 21 times per second. The particles you see on the plate are bits of protein powder that is added to the artificial nectar to keep hummingbirds healthy while they are in captivity. You can buy a print of this image for $100 as part of National Geographic's flash sale happening this week (ending midnight on 28th). Go to the link in my profile and check out the other amazing images from my fellow National Geographic photographers.
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