Sunday, December 15, 2019

Efforts to unionize being thwarted by a second, shadow union created by management?

News of a union potentially already in existence at Hearst is particularly unusual given that the company makes no mention of the HIEA union on its website offering employees information on the WGAE campaign.


The WGAE doesn’t know of any covered employees who had ever heard of the HIEA or seen a contract from the union that represents them, Gordon said.

The HIEA lists 300 W. 57th St. in New York as its headquarters, the same address as Hearst Communications headquarters. The secrecy of the union and its location is suspect, according to Gordon. He said it’s indicative of a “company union,” referring to an illegal union run through employer influence that’s often meant to prevent independent unions from forming.

The National Labor Relations Board is investigating the legitimacy of the newly discovered union.