Sunday, December 15, 2019

"Prince George trying to prove it's worthy of being the prize on The Price Is Right"

[He] seemed pretty thrilled when host Drew Carey told him he'd won a trip to Prince George, B.C., on The Price Is Right last month — but if he had checked social media after the show, his excitement may have waned.

When the California contestant appeared on the game show in mid-November, he won a six-night stay for two at the Treasure Cove Hotel in the central Interior city, as well as a $500 credit for the Grand Trunk Tavern and a limousine tour of the city.

But after the segment aired, social media users — many of them Prince George residents — began airing their negative thoughts about the city. Some expressed their sympathy to the winner, some warned Witka about the crime rates in the city, others just simply lol'd.

But now business owners in the city have rallied to prove the haters wrong and are ready to show Witka the time of his life.