Sunday, May 24, 2020

A long look at Gregg Jefferies's failure in the major leagues

(For background, read about when Gregg Jefferies ruled the trading card market). The NY post this weekend has a long look at his failure with the Mets:

Jefferies had his own custom-made black SSK bats.


the bats became fingernails on the chalkboard for those Mets


So there was the day that Strawberry emptied all of Jefferies’ bats in the middle of the clubhouse, where Jefferies found them. And the day when he discovered his game bat sawed in half.


These days a good deal of American-born drafted players have been on elite travel teams since youth and have their own bats and their own bags and their own hitting and/or throwing gurus and their own training regimen. Or as Cone said, “What was thought of as spoiled then is commonplace now.”