Friday, May 15, 2020

The "alien wars" in GTAV has escalated to "a series of kiddie-pool cyberattacks"

But although the final fight will take place within the bounds of GTA V, the roiling, destructive energy that brought the gangs to arms has bled far outside the videogame itself. A deeper look reveals that some GTA V players have escalated the alien wars to a series of kiddie-pool cyberattacks against rivals.


Jazuka isn’t the only server moderator to describe out-of-bounds attacks on rival gang members. In another Discord group, GreenVSPurple Official, which contains 3,000 users, moderators have received dozens of complaints a day about rampant toxicity, use of slurs, and phishing attacks. They hear daily reports of denial of service attacks—trollish efforts to keep them offline—against members of the rival gang. “At first it was like friendly banter. Then it got pretty bad. Kids were pulling IPs from the opposite gang, etc.,” says a moderator who goes by Mike.