Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Nashville man accused of planting weapons and tools in a maximum security facility as it was being constructed in order to facilitate future escapes

An article from February:
"We are not confident we've found everything," Hall said Wednesday morning. "We are not going to work here until we're comfortable."

There is no clear opening date for the detention center, and between labor and equipment, the cost to repair the damage is $2 million and rising


"This has never been done anywhere. It will forever change how correctional facilities are built"
An update today:
The Nashville man who authorities say was behind an elaborate plot to stash firearms in the walls of the Davidson County Downtown Detention Center created a practice model to rehearse his scheme and had a cache of firearms in storage, a federal indictment shows.

Charging documents show that [the accused], a criminal justice advocate, created a practice facility in a basement, which was discovered in March when authorities executed a search warrant.


During his trips to the DDC, authorities say he stored weapons, guns, razor blades and handcuff keys in various hiding spots around the center.