Saturday, May 30, 2020

eChallenge coin with interactive challenges

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What is it?
The is the eChallengeCoin. It is a challenge coin with 3 interactive challenges you solve using the LEDs and touch sensors, 3 story challenges you solve through the UART interface, and a bonus to unlock.

It comes fully assembled and ready to challenge your skills! It uses a standard CR2032 coin battery (included) and comes in a protective coin case.

Everything about the eChallengeCoin provides clues and misdirection.

It even has 3 demos to help you pass the time when you are not working on the challenges.

Why did you make it?
I was familiar with the traditional challenge coins which signify a group of individuals or a significant event. But what about today's advanced technology groups, InfoSec, or cyber security? Their challenge coin would be more than a static object. Their challenge coin would be electronic and have its own challenges!

That was the genesis of the idea to create the eChallengeCoin.

What makes it special?
The eChallengeCoin is about the size of a traditional challenge coin and is designed to be carried around in a pocket. It's just 44mm in diameter and the case only adds 10mm. It is very energy efficient and will run off a standard CR2032 coin battery for weeks or even months.

It's also just the first!

The eChallengeCoin includes a story from The Adventures of Sara Cladlow. In the story, Sara encounters challenges which you must solve to continue.

There will be more eChallenge objects and each will have interactive challenges and a new adventure with Sara Cladlow with new challenges to solve.
The companion site is here.