Saturday, June 13, 2020

The best wargaming miniatures of the week

Here at #28mag we often get asked how we choose the material that is included in the magazine. And an other question is what to do to be included. I will try to answer them, but bear with me, it's a bit tangled. There is not really any clear and simple way to get into 28, except for contacting us with a good idea. A lot of the material we include feels right, it is new, exciting and different. We started 28 to be a magazine that we would like to read, so that is the kind of stuff we look for. Things we like. Some will be included on the first try because they make the sort of art that we love. Others can be exceptionally talented, but their work just isn't something that interests us. The best way to have your work featured in 28 is to create something original. Take a look at previous volumes, did we include something similar before, then the chances are that we won't include it again. But if it's good enough then that doesn't matter. What we really like are the longer articles, thought-provoking ideas and essays. Those we love. It never hurts to send us an email outlining your idea. We will eventually get back to you and if the idea has potential then we are happy to work with you. 📷 Marco Pinamonti
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