Sunday, June 28, 2020

The explanation for why Kellog's is releasing a Green Onion Chex cereal in South Korea

Korea Herald:
In 2004, Nongshim Kellogg launched an online “election” for the president of Chex featuring two candidates, chocolate-colored character Chekkie and green-colored character Chaka. Chekkie promised to make the cereal more chocolatey while Chaka promised to put green onion in the cereal. When internet communities heard about this election, they started voting for Chaka, to Kellogg Korea’s horror.

With Chaka bound for victory, Kellogg deleted over 42,000 votes, citing “security reasons.” With Chaka still winning by a few thousand votes, Kellogg added offline votes and ARS call votes, in a blatant manipulation of the result, to make Chekkie the winner.


After 16 years, Kellogg has finally responded.

Chex Green Onion will finally be available online starting June 28 before hitting the shelves on July 1 in stores for a limited time.


Opening the box of Chex Green Onion sent from Kellogg for review, the scent of green onion hit sharper than expected