Sunday, January 10, 2021

"A fashion model since the age of 17 with no formal scientific training...might seem an unlikely nuclear energy advocate"

Mel Magazine:

it’s hard to imagine a minute-long video titled “How Does A Nuclear Reactor Work?” standing out. But 30-year-old Brazilian model Isabelle Boemeke is an expert marshal of your focus, and she’ll make sure you watch it. “Imagine that these aliens with cowboy hats are uranium atoms,” she instructs against a night-sky background, donning futuristic wrap sunglasses and a neon pink cutout bodysuit. 


This is Isodope, Boemeke’s internet persona, who serves as the world’s first “nuclear energy influencer,” as she puts it. Active across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with a combined audience of more than 60,000 followers, Boemeke produces informational videos about climate change with a focus on nuclear energy.


After watching her videos, for example, you’ll never forget that uranium pellets are roughly the size of a gummy bear, and you might also find yourself harboring a protective fondness for the Diablo Canyon power plant in California.